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Location:South Africa

Ready ref: Answers to a few FAQs–

~ No, I'm not an Israeli (but this point is debated by a few Israelis. I'm honored).
~ No, I'm not Jewish.
~ No, I'm not, nor have I ever been, in the military/intel community/law enforcement.
~ No, I'm not an academic... good grief.
~ Yes, I bloody-well am self-educated. They're called books. I read 'em.
~ Yes, I really am a South African (I'm still confused as to why this surprises people).
~ Yes, I have PTSD. It's not fun.

...and YES I am Pro Israel. If you don't like that, just go somewhere else before I apply the Ban Hammer.


Nota Bene:

This journal is now mostly private and friends-only. If you add me to your circle, I ain't gonna add you back. Simple as that.

Internet Land is bad for me. I'm only sticking around because I can't be without the friends I've made here.

So what's public?

Fanfic, the majority of posts tagged 'writing,' the occasional geeky ramble, and a few rants.

About my fic:

I'm not what anyone would call a typical fanfic writer. My writing background is 20+ years of original writing. One day I'll finish one of the 2 fantasy novels I started... when I can get past that terrible feeling that I'm not doing my research. But many happy hours are spent researching all my fanfic, meaning that I shan't stop writing it any time soon.

A note on my NCIS fic:

More info here, but basically canon ends, for me, about midway through S5. I rewrote a big chunk of what came before that point, and I continue to write in the world that I built.

If the above is something that would bug you, I respectfully suggest that you go and read someone else's work.


I hereby state categorically that I do not permit remixing and/or podficcing of my fanfiction. And while I'm at it, I reserve the right to write the prequels and sequels (if any) to my stories.

I can tell you that there is nothing more rewarding than working on world-building and the development of various characters within that world. Why 'borrow' from me, when you can reap those rewards yourself?
Writing is nothing short of revelment. Go, revel!


Don't fear the skeletal dude with the antiquated lawnmower!


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